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Nag Panchami – A Unique Festival Of India

Nag panchami is known for the worship of snakes. In Hindu mythology, the cobra has a special meaning, and the earth is thought of on the head of ‘Shesha’, the cobra with a thousand hoods. It is a festival to honor the Snake God Sheshnag.

On this day the people of the village and the city worship the snake by offering milk and doing pooja .

According to the Hindu calendar, Nagpanchami is celebrated in the month of Shravan (July-August). During monsoon, when snakes emerge from the pits, they are worshiped. Because they protect the crop from the damage of rats and other insects.

This day is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Krishna over the Kariya snake. For this reason Krishna is also known as ‘Karia Mardan’.

The festival falls in the rainy season. And people especially go to the temples to worship snakes and worship them. The temple of Shiva is a favorite place to worship snakes. Because Shiva is more attached to snakes and he has a snake on his neck.

People offer sweets and milk to the snake deity and on this day people celebrate this festival with dance and songs. On this day devotees pour milk around their house and in all the holes in the ground near the temple so that the snake can drink the milk.

Sometimes a small milk pot with flowers is placed near the hole, which is considered lucky for the devotee if a snake actually drinks milk. This festival is celebrated enthusiastically by all, especially women.

It is a nature friendly Hindu festival. On this day, people don’t plow or dig in the fields or other places in a symbolic way to protect snakes or other wildlife.

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