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Rathore Travel-Self Drive Maruti Ertiga Car Service Provider In Lucknow

If you want to see the beautifully planned cities of the country, then you should start from Lucknow. Lucknow is one of the most important cities in Uttar Pradesh. There are many such attractive places in Lucknow that will make your trip great and enjoyable. If you want to make your travel in this city convenient then you should take a car rental with the best Maruti Ertiga car service provider in Lucknow. If the number of members on your journey is more than 3 and less than 7 then you should consider Maruti Ertiga.

Let us look at the various reasons to go for a Maruti Ertiga Self Drive.

1. Easy to Operate:

Driving the Ertiga is very easy. The car can seat 7 people but you will feel as if you are driving at high speed and it does not roll too much in the corners. The dimensions are compact and the visibility is very good which makes it very easy to drive and park in the city.

2. Flat-Ride:

One of the many features of the Ertiga is that it comes with a flat-ride quality. You get a smooth ride in any row. It is more safe and comfortable when driving on the highway. Hence, By hiring Ertiga on rent you get a flat-ride. 

3. With a light and rigid chassis:

The Ertiga, especially in the new model, comes with a more rigid and lighter chassis. The car is big but comes 20 kg lighter than many other cars. This makes the car highly recommended for both performance and fuel efficiency.

4. Boot Space:

The reason behind renting an Ertiga from a car service provider in Lucknow is boot space. It gets 550 liters of space and you can even fold it into the third row. If you raise the third row and lower the cover, you can easily place one big bag and two small bags.

5. Comfortable seat:

The Ertiga is known for its comfortable seats, no matter which line of seat you sit in. And unlike other MPVs, the third row is the highlight of this car. The seat in the third row is at a height. Headroom and width is enough for two people. 

Now you can be sure that you will choose Ertiga to visit the beautiful city. 

Now your next question will be who is the best travel agent in Lucknow. Well then with the option of Rathore Travels, you need not worry at all. Rathore Travels is the best Maruti Ertiga car service provider in Lucknow. You can rent a variety of other types of cars from Rathore Travels.

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